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I am often asked what condition the property must be in such a way that it will pass an FHA. The answer is not simple as it depends on two separate processes, minimal objective standards and subjective interpretation. For example, below, I will give you an accurate list of the many acceptable and unacceptable shortcomings that may appear in the property. FHA Approved Assessors are instructed by HUD to report any property deficiencies that are easily observable and likely to fall under any of these lists. Of course, the lists below are not exhaustive and the evaluator should use his or her cautious judgment in determining what might be interpreted as a deficit and represents a potential marketing or security problem.

In addition, making things even more complex than HUD also charges best FHA lenders in Texas the responsibility to exercise professional judgment and prudent underwriting practice in the valuation when a condition in the property may create a marketing problem or the Therefore, even if the evaluation comes back? What is it and not? subject to repairs ?, the subscriber of the best FHA lenders in Texas has the right to request that certain deficiencies are corrected before closing. Because there is a considerable amount of subjectivity, do not be surprised to find properties may be decreased for financing FHA by one lender and approved by another.

The lists below are drawn from HUD mortgage creditor LETTER 2005 – ML-48, but again I would caution that virtually every facet of this industry, guidelines are constantly changing and subject to change at any moment.

Missing handrails

Broken or damaged exit doors that are otherwise usable

Cracked glass

Defective flooring or coating (worn by the finish, very dirty carpet)

Previous wood proof (not active) Destroy insect damage / Organism where there is no evidence of unrepaired structural damage

Rotten or worn counters

Damaged plaster, drywall or other walls and ceilings of materials in homes built after 1978


Crawl space of debris and waste

The lack of an all-weather surface of the driveway

CONDITIONS requiring repair

Inadequate access / exit from rooms outside the house

Leaks or worn roofs (if 3 or more layers of shingles on the roof are leaking or worn, all existing shingles must be removed before replacing the roof)

Wood damage bugs / organisms: inspection required handiest if evidence of lively infestation, mandated with the aid of the nation or neighborhood jurisdiction, if commonplace to the vicinity, or on the discretion of the best FHA lenders in Texas.

Nicely (character water gadget): assessments and inspections required if mandated by using the state or nearby jurisdiction, if it’s far common knowledge that nicely water can be infected when water supply is predicated on a water purification system due to the presence of contaminants, or in which there is evidence of:

Corrosion of pipes (plumbing)

Areas of intensive agriculture within? Mile

Coal mines or gas drilling operations inside? Mile

Dump, scrap warehouse, Landfill, factory, fuel station, or dry-cleansing operation in? Mile

Unusual objectionable flavor, odor or look of properly water.

Septic tank: test or inspection required only if evidence of system failure, if mandated by state or local competent, if customary in the area, or at the discretion of the best FHA lenders in Texas

  1. Flat roof and / or unobservable
  2. Stagnant water against foundation and / or excessive moisture basements
  3. Hazardous materials on site or in improvements
  4. Defective or unusable mechanical systems (electricity, plumbing, heating or)
  5. Proof of possible failure of the structure (for example, regulation or curved wall foundation)
  7. HUD Reference Guide Chapter 1, Evaluation

Does the home need appliances to qualify for an FHA loan? This is a constantly recurring question, especially in foreclosed homes that may not have been inhabited for some time and / or acts of vandalism.

Again, remember that the lender and appraiser have the ultimate responsibility for interpreting what meets typical market conditions and what is a safety issue. Most often, in an increasingly litigious society, the best FHA lenders in Texas and appraiser will be cautious and rule on the conservative side, so do not be surprised to have a flat on a bit of money or have to negotiate with the seller? For repairs that will be completed before closing. Your will have a good source of advice on the issues that will be red flags when making your appointment through initial. If in doubt, contact the lender too.

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