All bout Applying Tinted Sunscreen Film – Residential Window Tinting

A film for glazing, home window tinting in Houston or not, plays especially a role of protection. It is therefore a material of great importance and it must be chosen with care.

What is a solar window film?

Glazing film is a very thin polyester film placed on the inside or outside of any glazing whether for windows, glass doors, or even other types of films are used to decorate materials such as partition walls, a bumper for a car (to protect against scratches or marks of shock), or curtain walls to a lesser extent, or sometimes on glazing in an apartment, the windows of a house, or even on windows car / motorcycle (protection against the icebreaker for example) etc.

The choice is not simple in terms of glazing film because there are several categories.

First, you can opt for non-reflective clear or home window tinting in Houston. These films were especially created for the safety of goods, the protection of privacy or the reduction of glare (sun protection, UV, theft, break-ins). The colors of these films are obtained with a colored adhesive. Then you will be able to choose the clear reflective films. This type of film is obtained by laminating a metallized polyester film and a clear polyester film. The latter plays a major role because it contributes to the protection of the metal surface. And last, you can take home window tinting in Houston reflective films.

Choose your tinted film according to your needs

This type of film consists of one or two tinted films placed on one or both sides of a metallized film. The choice of a film for glazing must be made according to its use. Specialized glazing film plays a key role in solar protection. The sun’s rays are formed of ultraviolet and infrared rays. Discoloration and overheating are the harmful effects of these rays. A glazing film can protect itself from these rays without preventing the entry of light. Reflective films are the most recommended for windows of buildings most exposed to the sun.

In fact, reflective glazing films can stop up to 80% of solar heat. They also allow a significant saving of energy. During periods of high heat, reflective films will significantly reduce your air conditioning costs. In winter, they play an even more interesting role by becoming an insulating barrier through the glazing. The reflective home window tinting in Houston Film return a large part of the interior heat and reduce much your heating costs by reducing heat loss (heat loss).

To choose a good glazing film, make sure that it is also a security film. Your window film must have the properties to protect you in case of fire, explosion and burglary. During a fire, ordinary glass tends to explode. This explosion accentuates the arrival of air and promotes the spread of fire in the building. On the other hand, a window provided with a security film will burst at very high temperatures and especially after long minutes, the time that the film disintegrates.

A good glazing film must also have the ability to withstand the blast of an explosion.

An ordinary glass quickly becomes a danger for the surrounding people in the event of an explosion. In fact, splashing glass can lead to serious injuries and material damage. The glazing film will therefore have the role of avoiding splinters splashes thanks to the effectiveness of the adhesive layer and the strength of the polyester. This type of glazing film is also used on automobiles. In the event of an accident, passengers sitting in front of vehicles are often victims of splinters of glass.

Glazed films

A solution for shop windows and professionals

Stores with large windows are often victims of burglary and vandalism. A good shot of baseball bat is enough to break the ordinary glass and in a few seconds, the thief will have time to disappear by taking away your belongings. To solve this problem once and for all, choose a reinforced glazing film. It will delay the thief who will need several shots before overcoming.

The glazing film you choose will have to fulfill all these functions, otherwise they will be of no use. Regarding tinted glass films, you can choose the color that suits you. It all depends on your tastes and your needs. It should be noted that apart from its protective role, a glazing film can also be used in decoration with its different colors but also to keep a certain privacy preventing prying eyes. There is currently a wide range of glazing films. In order not to regret your choice later, know first of all what it will really serve and act accordingly.

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