Why Secure Its Shutters? Burglary And Break-Ins

Secure your shutters – Horizontal Blinds For Windows

How to secure flaps? Do your shutters seem weak against external intrusions? If you feel the need to secure your shutters, you will find all the necessary information to strengthen the protection of your home. The security of your home or apartment depends largely on the strength of entry points: doors and windows on the front line. Discover the tools to better secure your custom horizontal blind for windows.Modern windows provide excellent results in terms of sound and heat insulation. But what about in terms of security? Do the windows we install really protect French homes? Rightly, the French are more and more concerned about their home security. There was an increase in burglaries in France in 2012 which was confirmed during the year 2013. Whether you are in urban areas or in rural areas, burglaries have increased in both cases. Lefigaro.fr notes that a study has been made on the procedure of burglars to penetrate inside our homes. Thus, half of burglaries are carried out by forcing the door of entry, the second mode operation is the forcing of a window to the height of 22% of burglaries. The same study shows a sharp increase in burglaries through the window over the last three years for both houses and apartments. In short, the purpose of this article is not to sound the alarm about the rise of burglaries in France but rather to secure as much as possible its custom horizontal blind for windows to ensure optimum security.

Security and shutters

It must be said, shutters are not specifically recognized to ensure optimal security of your home. Maybe the first reason lies in the price of a flap shutter that is the cheapest shutters. Once one is aware of this weakness, it is important to ask the question about strengthening the shutters to counter burglaries, break-ins and intrusions into his property. How to secure your shutters and your house?

The material of the shutter

The material of your shutter is a crucial point that allows you to say a lot about the strength of your shutter. It is customary to say that aluminum is the most resistant material to shocks and thus to external intrusions. PVC being a little less resistant. However, the material is not the only point to consider, in fact the thickness of your shutter and the blades that compose it is fundamental for the robustness of your shutter flap.

Choose thick blades

To protect the best intrusions, the choice of the flap is important and in particular the choice of blades. The thicker the blades of the shutter, the stronger they will be and will withstand the attack of a burglar. To strengthen your shutter, you can add metal rods directly to your shutter blades, these rods are placed between each blade shutters to solidify the entire flap custom horizontal blind for windows.

IRP: pressure resistance index

In order to choose its blades, you can rely on the IRP index which is the Pressure Resistance Index of your component. This indicator is used to judge and evaluate resistance, safety and insulation from 10 to 150.

The higher the indicator, the more resistant your shutter is. To put it simply, an IRP of 20 will have a resistance at a pressure of 20 kilos. With an IRP of 150, the resistance is a pressure of 150 kilos.

Put extra locks

To reinforce your safety on a shutter already installed, we recommend you to install additional locks inside your shutters. For example, to reinforce the closure of your swing shutter, you can put a 3-point lock that will lock you outside. These secure closing solutions of a component is therefore ideal to guard against infringements.

Accessories to secure your shutters

Security rails

The principle of safety rails is simple, it is a horizontal bar which is superimposed directly on the shutter. This protection bar will strengthen the strength of the shutter by protecting itself from a well-known technique of burglars: the hooking.

The safety rails are effective in terms of protection and are affordable for all owners. Expect between 20 and 50 € for the purchase of a sliding rail or not on your shutter.

Choose your lock

There are different types of locks for swing shutters. It may be mentioned in particular as a closure solution:

  • Hook lock.
  • Drill lock.
  • Cremone lock.
  • The hasp.
  • 3-point lock.

Maisonentravaux.fr recommends the purchase of a 3 – point lock. Without going into the technical details, to acquire a 3-point lock, you will pay about 100 euros for a 3-point lock for shutters, you save on the cost of installation because this type of lock can be installed very easily. Prices can take off depending on the quality of the lock materials and dimensions. This type of lock can be used for entrance doors or windows.

What to remember about the safety of the shutters?

The first solution to improve the strength of your shutters is to add accessories such as hooks, bayonet or padlock locks, security bars inside the shutters or Spanishettes. Nevertheless, do not be fooled all these additional accessories will only make the task more difficult for burglars.

For an optimal protection of your home, it is necessary to be vigilant on the quality of your shutter beating in particular on the type of material of this one, its assembly as a whole. The installation of the shutter must be perfect to ensure maximum robustness.

Shutters and security

Finally, be aware that all professionals in the window will direct you to electric shutters preferably. Why shutters? At present, roller shutters are the best in terms of protection and security of homes. Indeed, the shutters are equipped with protection system such as anti-picking and anti-lift with detectors in case of forced opening of the shutters which makes it more difficult for the burglars and thus a decrease in intrusions.

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