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The average age of the French owner is 52 years old. In fact, people over 60 represent the largest segment of owners (40%). Only 15% of owners are under 25 years old. However, the average age of the first purchase of real estate is 31 years. Did you know that the vast majority of homeowners buy two homes? This allows them to have a higher financial contribution and strengthens the stability of their file. 85% of homeowners need a home lenders for home loans to finance their purchase. 57% of them opt for a loan of more than 15 years. The owners also commit to energy housing.

A cheaper real estate loan will allow you to realize your dream of being a homeowner! A personalized quote will help you identify a reasonable financing plan. With our mortgage simulator, get expert advice in just a few clicks. All this for free and without commitment! Among the plethora of offers from the various mortgage lenders, the bankers do not offer the same mortgage rates or the same guarantees or the same conditions. Hence the interest of a comparator. Thanks to our real estate lenders for home loans comparator, you will be able to receive numerous quotes, analyze the various offers of banks and choose the solution that suits you the most.

Before deciding whether or not to grant credit, the bank looks at the financial situation of the borrower. It is therefore advisable to avoid being exposed in the three to six months preceding the application for credit and, as far as possible, to repay its consumer revolving credit. ”  If the borrower is irreproachable on this point, it will be easier for him not only to obtain a mortgage , but also to negotiate with his bank 4) Monitor its debt capacity

This is perhaps the best-known rule for borrowers, the so-called “33%”. The exact rate varies from one bank to another and depending on the records, but as a general rule, the amount of the loan must not exceed one third of the net income of the borrower, summarizes Meal Bernier. And if banks have been able to be flush in the past, the rule is now strictly enforced – “even for high income,  ” says Meal Bernier.

Mortgage loan simulation

Do not forget online banks, which redouble their efforts to improve their business on the web and whose offers can be advantageous. In fact, it is often possible to run loan simulations on the online banking website. Boursorama, Fortune, ING Direct … Many of them offer you online tools allowing you to get a first idea of ​​the price of your credit, even before having to contact their services. You can also run a simulation via the tools put in place by online brokers.

he 1% housing lenders for home loans, renamed “Prêt Action Ligament” in 2010, is a reduced rate credit, of a limited amount, allowing employees to finance the acquisition or construction of a home, in the new or the old, or to carry out work in their main dwelling. To finance this type of loan, all private companies with more than ten employees contribute 0.45% of their payroll to collecting agencies. This is called Employer Participation in the Construction Effort (PEEC). This aid originally accounted for 1% of the remuneration paid to employees, hence the name “1% housing loan “.

Carrying out work, if they aim to improve the energy performance of housing or accessibility to people with disabilities. Work may also be financed by this lenders for home loans,, if justified by considerations of safety or security.



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