Definition: SEO SEO is the Acronym for Search Engine Optimization

and can be defined as the art of positioning a site, a web page or an application in the first natural results of the search engines. In French, SEO is referred to as natural referencing.

In the French and Western context, professional seo company is essentially “sticking” to the “requirements” and modes of operation of Google which focuses from 75% to more than 90% of search queries in different countries. The position in the SERPs is obtained from the relevance score assigned to the page by the search engine algorithm on a given query. It is not the result of a payment made to the search engine contrary to what happens with the use ofcommercial links . SEO is with trade links ( SEA ) the two major components of search engine marketing¬† (SEM = SEO + SEA).

On the requests referred to, the position obtained must be on the first page, because during most of the requests, it is the only page consulted. The Grail of SEO or SEO expert has long been the first position but now it may even be to get the zero position . This trend should also strengthen with the rise of vocal requests for which it will not be seen but heard.

Several hundred criteria are taken into account by Google’s algorithm. The nature of these criteria and their importance vary over time according to changes in Google’s algorithm and filters . They also vary depending on the context and nature of the search (local query, image query, news query, etc.). The SEO is thus now declined in local SEO , SEO video , image SEO, SEO news, etc. We also talk about blackhat
professional seo company
, when the practices implemented are questionable and / or contrary to the Google recommendations .

The main areas of SEO or SEO are:

– The technical or infrastructure elements (domain name, crawl optimization , code compliance, etc.)

– The content optimization elements of pages
professional seo company

– The development and optimization of external links ( backlinks ) through netlinking practices .

Ideally, the SEO process should be conducted before the launch of a website. For sites already in place, it usually follows an SEO audit.

Mastery of SEO requires technical and marketing skills and a continuous monitoring activity to cope with the incessant changes in algorithms. It obviously involves a lot of technical aspects, but the role of SEO strategy and “good ideas” should not be underestimated. In large commercial sites, SEO teams work closely with the ISD. The optimization of natural referencing can also be taken into account by experts or specialized agencies.

Even if the SEO remains a pillar most often unavoidable of the “digital marketing mix”, it is worth noting that it suffered an undeniable phenomenon of erosion as a source of visits because the place given to the natural results tends to retreat face to commercial links. On this subject, see ablog post dedicated to the downward trend of SEO potential.

On this site, a glossary dedicated to SEO brings together more than 400 specialized terms, but a first approach can be made from the 50 “essential” terms of SEO .

A clear and well made infographic proposed by the agency Object23 which illustrates the main areas and levers of action of SEO in 2016: Another representation a little more synthetic proposed by the agency :

With nearly half a billion searches being completed on Google every day, it has quickly become necessary for companies to do their utmost to ensure that they are at the top of the list of results. search engines, like Google’s and many others. As a small or big company, the last thing you have is time is to find ways to strengthen your online presence. Fortunately, we have a team of experts who are ready to optimize your website and make sure you communicate the message you want to present.

The evolution of the world of SEO

Like many other industries, the world of search engine optimization is constantly changing, and companies must change with it. Your content should be regularly updated with the latest strategies in mind to ensure you reach your target audience and convert visitors to the site. We can help you implement search engine optimization strategies that help you achieve your business goals more effectively.

We place our focus on constantly updating the SEO methods used for your business, honesty and transparency of the process as well as ideas that deliver lasting results to our customers. Our intention is not to scramble the search engine, but rather to use transparent methods of search engine optimization to improve the ranking of your website.

With positioning, the process is just beginning

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