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Who is online quote for motorcycle insurance, the motorcycle insurance comparator?

online quote for motorcycle insurance  is the most visited insurance site in France. is the inventor of the online motorcycle insurance comparison concept. In a few minutes, online quote for motorcycle insurance questions its range of motorcycle insurance offers, among the biggest French brands. Online quote for motorcycle insurance then returns the best motorcycle insurance offers tailored to your profile and allows you to receive information by mail and email or subscribe online, by phone or agency directly from the insurance company that you is best.

Insurance your motorcycle, an obligation regardless of the two-wheeled motor

Whichever two-wheeler you drive (motorcycle, moped, scooter or quad), it is mandatory to take out a two-wheel insurance (article L211-1 of the Insurance Code). The law requires every rider to be insured under what is commonly referred to as “civil liability”. This motorcycle insurance guarantees compensation for material and bodily injury that may be caused to third parties by the driver of the motorcycle or by his passengers during an accident. A motorcycle insurance policy may be limited to this simple warranty, or include other warranties.

Whether your two-wheeler is in a garage, never used, or constantly on the road, it must be insured. In case of lack of motorcycle insurance the penalties can be heavy: up to € 3,750 fine, suspension or cancellation of the motorcycle license (with ban of ironing for 3 years), prohibition to drive certain vehicles, confiscation of your motorcycle and finally community service.

What elements are involved in calculating the amount of a motorcycle insurance premium?

  • Insurance rates vary and are based on certain criteria such as:
  • – Driving capacity (50cc, 125cc, 250cc or more)
  • – The two-wheeler to ensure sports bike, collector motorcycle, motocross, scooter
  • – The profile of insured: young biker, malignant biker, biker terminated
  • What are the different formulas and guarantees of motorcycle insurance

Compare the different motorcycle insurance offers is choosing the most appropriate insurance for your profile and you’re driving. You can then choose between the third-party insurance forformula, ich covers only the third-party liability, or the all-risk formula, which is more protective, but also more expensive. The latter allows compensation for material and bodily injury in the event of a responsible accident. The all-risk motorcycle insurance also includes flight warranty, guarantee natural disaster or even a guarantee fire.

For occasional drivers, there are motorcycle contracts per kilometer. The insurance premium is then calculated according to the distance traveled. If a formula suits you, you can also take out optional and additional guarantees. Among these you will find the “ready handlebar” or assistance 0 km in case of breakdown of your two-wheelers. It should be noted, however, that if you choose optional coverage to qualify for extended coverage, your insurance premium may increase.

Many factors influence the rates that insurance companies offer their policyholders. In addition, each insurance company may appreciate the same risk differently

Options for securing equipment when riding on two wheels

Like insurance, equipment is mandatory and may be covered by certain guarantees. On motorbikes or even on scooters, helmets and gloves are mandatory. Some accessories are strongly recommended: the high shoes, the rain suit and the lock. By subscribing additional coverage’s, you can avoid certain problems. In particular, there is a guarantee against the deterioration of the protective equipment or even the guarantee of helmet and accessories out of series.

How to find a cheaper two-wheel insurance by being well covered?

With online quote for motorcycle insurance, the comparator of motorcycle insurance, you can make a free comparison of insurance, rates and guarantees of many motorcycle insurance offers (MAAF, Mutuelle des Motards, AssurBike, FMA, Nexx Insurance,). If any of the insurance offers offered by our insurance comparator interests you, you can get a free motorcycle insurance quote online. You can save money and pay less for your two-wheelers insurance.

Completing the questionnaire will take you less than 5 minutes! The motorcycle insurance proposals presented best fit your biker profile, subject to the accuracy of your statements.

Change motorcycle insurance easily thanks to the Hamon law

With the Hamon law, an insured can terminate his motorcycle insurance contract after one year of engagement. It’s simple and free. To change your insurance, simply compare the different offers on our online comparator and select a cover. Your new insurance company takes care of the rest by doing the different steps of termination of the previous contract. The use of a two-wheel insurance comparator allows you to save money in no time at all.

Fill out this motorcycle insurance form and compare in detail the best motorcycle insurance offers according to your needs and your budget.

You need:

– The month of expiry of your current contract if you are currently insured. If you do not know it, you will find this information on your current insurance policy.

– The date of your motorcycle license (month / year): if you do not remember, you will find this information on your motorcycle license.

NB: if you have a driving license, you will also need to enter the date of obtaining it.

– The date of putting into circulation of your vehicle (month / year) if it is to ensure a vehicle which is already in circulation: if you do not remember any more, you will find this information on your registration card.

– The value of your current motorcycle bonus / malus if you have already been insured: if you do not know it, you will find this information on your last statement of information sent by your insurance company.

NB: if you have a driving license, you will also need to enter the value of your auto bonus / penalty.

– The date of the claim (s) (month / year) of less than 3 years (if you have had one): if you do not remember, you will find this information on your last statement of information sent by your insurance company. Insurance.

– the date (month / year) and results of the alcohol test (s) less than 5 years old (if you have had one): if you do not remember, you will find this information on the minutes drawn up by the police.

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