mix necklaces

Six tricks to mix necklaces

The ‘jewelry layering’ or necklaces in a layer are fashionable. The trick to making it look like a true fashionista is to see it as a unit.

It has been some seasons now that the ring earrings have reigned as the jewel of fashion. But his empire lasted little. At least among fashion bloggers and ‘influencers’. It is enough to dive a little for the profile of Chiara Ferragni, a true icon of style, to notice that the ‘ jewelry layering’ – collars put in layers, in Spanish – is the ‘must’ of summer. The trend has flourished rapidly and the #layeringnecklace label yields more than 53,000 results.

mix necklaces
mix necklaces

There are from the soberest to the most loaded. With gold chains, thick and retro pendants, mixed with fine and delicate necklaces.

Although it seems like a simple technique, it really is not. It is not about putting a collar on a necklace and only playing with the size and length of the chains. You have to learn to find the right pieces that achieve the perfect balance. The trick is that it looks like a unit and not like a bunch of exaggerated and shapeless collars.

We give you some ideas and tips for you to achieve the perfect ‘jewelry layering’ and do not stay in the attempt.

Group, group, group

There is no written rule, but when it comes to mixing thin chains try to combine them with pendants. For example, one star, with a heart of gold and another with a thin string of diamonds.

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Mix textures

Play with the textures of the chains. To achieve this, you must mix and match different string styles. The idea is that each one stands out by itself, but gives a sense of unity.

Link necklace

Combine a wider link necklace with more delicate pendants for a perfect contrast.

Gold and shiny pendants

A trick to highlight some details of the layer necklaces is to mix long pendants with links placed in shorter chains – almost like a choker.

Necklace of Modena

The coin necklaces can be your base to create this ‘look’. It is a perfect way to start the layering because you use them as a starting point. According to your length, you will locate the rest of the necklaces and pieces so that it is balanced. It is best to center this collar at the focal point below the clavicle.

Layers of different lengths

The length is the key: layers of different length chains so that each pendant has its own protagonist.

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