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When carrying out your real estate project, you will have the choice between different types of loans depending on your situation, your standard of living and the type of property that you want to finance. CAFPI helps you to understand the different types of mortgages, their duration and their particularities.

What are the different types of Texas home loan requirements?

There are three types of Texas home loan requirements defined by their interest rate:

The fixed rate loan , the rate of which remains the same throughout the repayment of the loan, is favored for long-term loans. Risk taking is low.

The floating rate loan , considered more risky, sees its interest rate rise or fall depending on the market. The interest rate is reviewed periodically according to the evolution of its benchmark. With cover (Capé), the variation of the rate is limited. With a Capé rate of +1 -1, for example, the starting rate can not vary beyond the set limits. This loan offers a higher rate than a revisable loan without a hedge but reduces the risk of a sharp rate hike.

The mixed-rate mortgage, which combines fixed-rate security with the attractiveness of the variable rate, presents a moderate risk and allows a degree of security to be maintained.

What are the peculiarities of each mortgage?

Each mortgage is different and has its own particularities:

The duration, which can vary from 5 to 25 years on average, depends on your repayment capacity

The rate, which varies according to the amount of your contribution and the duration of your loan, can be fixed, variable or mixed Loan

The contribution, which depends on your ability to save, can make it easier for you to get a home loan

Monthly payments , which correspond to the amount you repay each month, depend on your debt ratio, the amount borrowed and the duration of your loan

Guarantees, automatically included in your mortgage, allow the lending institution to be reimbursed in case of default

Mortgage insurance , which is often required, allows you to protect your family and loved ones in case of disability, disability or death

What is the average term of a Texas home loan requirements?

The average subscription period for a mortgage in France is 20 years. This duration has continued to grow in recent decades due to rising real estate prices, but is now tending to decline. We advise you to choose your duration of mortgage according to your capacities of refund.

Good to know

The shorter the term of your Texas home loan requirements, the lower the interest rate.

What are the conditions for obtaining a mortgage?

  • Do you dream of buying your first home or apartment? Obtaining a mortgage is subject to different conditions:
  • Your financial situation (debt ratio, statement of account statements, contribution …)
  • Your professional situation (type of contract, income …)
  • Your guarantees (mortgage, pledge, deposit …)
  • Your state of health (age, diseases, medical interventions …)
  • The practice of risky activities (sports or professional)

Still do not know what type of loan to direct you to? Make an appointment with one of our advisors so that we can analyze together the type of loan best suited to your situation.

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