Veterans of ATU Will be Able to Get Preferential Loans for Housing

The Kyiv District Administrative Court ordered the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to work out a procedure for obtaining loans for housing and house repairs by ATU participants.

This was told in the press center of KHARKIV Today by the deputy chairman of the NGO “Chuguyev Human Rights Group” Roman Likhachev.

The head of the Chuguyiv district public organization veterans affairs mortgage of the ATU” Alexander Popov initiated this appeal. He repeatedly appealed to the government with a requirement to develop an order for obtaining preferential loans for ATU participants, which is provided by law. The Cabinet did not react to the appeals of the veteran. Alexander appealed to the lawyers of the office of “Merezha Pravovogo Rozvitka” Chuguevskaya human rights group and Chuguevskiy local center providing free secondary legal assistance. Lawyers prepared documents for Alexander, with whom he applied to the court.

“The court fully satisfied Alexander’s suit and forced the Cabinet to create a normative act.The appeal has already reached the deadline for filing an appeal and the Cabinet of Ministers has time to appeal the result, and if within three months we receive a successful appeal court decision, we will appeal to the executive. , I hope that by June-July we will receive the normative act that should have been received 12 years ago .If there is no appeal, we will prepare the relevant documents for the appeal to the executive service, and then by May we will already receive the corresponding normative act, “Likhachev said.

According to him, this court decision will help all participants of military operations, and veterans of Ukraine will not only get land, but also loans for housing. “This will help veterans affairs mortgageto build up on the sites that they are allocated by the state, and not sell them, without the means for further development,” Likhachev added.

Veterans of hostilities will issue an interest-free mortgage

And the parents of those killed in the “hot spots” will be awarded the title of honorary citizens

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at the meeting of the governor of the Sakhalin region and veterans of fighting in Chechnya and Afghanistan discussed measures to support the latter. During the conversation Oleg Kozhemyako approved three initiatives.

For example, veterans were asked to issue an interest-free mortgage. Now in the region for them a system of benefits and various payments. The largest – to improve living conditions. In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, it is about 3 million rubles. In areas where real estate prices are much lower – about 2 million. Since 2015, this measure of support has already benefited 92 people. Persons with disabilities, on the instructions of the governor, are among the needy, without taking into account their property status. They also have the opportunity to receive interest-free mortgages.

This right at the meeting was offered to give all veterans affairs mortgage of the fighting that live in the region today without exception. A total of 1725. The development of this initiative in the near future will deal with profile departments.

The second question, which required the intervention of the governor, is related to the amount of monthly payments to parents who lost sons in the war. Families of those killed in Afghanistan receive 3790 rubles each month. Significantly less – 1517 rubles – is due to those who have not returned from the combat zone in the North Caucasus. There are about 500 families in the region.

“We will correct this situation by paying a surcharge from the regional budget, so the amounts will be the same,” said the head of the region.

Also, the Governor’s support was given to the initiative related to the recognition of the merits of mothers and fathers whose sons were killed in “hot spots”. It is a question of assigning such parents honorary citizens of Sakhalin districts with corresponding monthly payments.

Also during the event, Oleg Kozhemyako performed an honorable mission, giving jubilee medals “For the protection of the Damansky Island” to two Sakhalinites – Vladimir Vanshtein and Hai Duo Sio, reports ASTV.RU with reference to the press service of the Governor of the Sakhalin region.

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